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Screenshot: Shockwave Flash Install

Install Firefox Flash Plugin Manually on Windows 7 [How-To]

Recently a groovy reader wrote in with the following question: “Mrgroove please help, I’ve installed Firefox on Windows and I can’t get the flash plugin to install.  There is an ‘Install Missing Plugins’ button that I’ve gone through many times.  The wizard doesn’t work, the restart doesn’t’ work, it just won’t install!  What should I […]

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How-To Add The Quick Launch Bar To Windows 7

The Windows 7 taskbar combines the functionality of the Quick Launch bar with that of regular taskbar tab buttons.  Combined with the new Windows Search or even RocketDock (MrGroove’s favorite tool), most users are MORE THAN HAPPY.  I’m not most people however… as I still miss the Quick Launch bar. Why?  With the old Quick […]

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How-To Create A Windows 7 System Image

Are you ready to say goodbye to 3rd party back-up applications?  Windows 7 makes this possible with it’s superb back-up and System Image features built into all versions of Windows 7.  For me, I love a clean, fresh install of Windows.  Not coincidently, right after a fresh install is the best time to make a […]

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How to Install New Gadgets With Windows 7

After reading the last article about adding gadgets to Windows 7, you’re probably wondering “How do I get new gadgets and how do you install them?”. There are a few different places and ways to acquire gadgets, but your best bet is the official Microsoft site.  Here is a quick and easy How-To on where to […]

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Microsoft gives away Windows 7

How-To Get A Free Copy of Windows 7

Microsoft will be giving away a free copy of Windows 7 to those who attend one of the live launch parties throughout the United Stats October 22nd, 2009.  The events are FILLING UP FAST so NOW is the time to register for a city near you!   Registration Link – Windows7/Server 2008 R2 Registration   The […]

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