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Cure Writers Block Socially With Skribit [groovyReview]

Being a writer, it’s not always easy to come up with new, original content.  The good folks over at Skribit has just opened its doors with the goal of helping with this very problem.


The system works through the idea of crowd-sourcing, where readers and fans can contribute ideas for new content / articles and then vote up the suggestions similar to DIGG.  While it’s true that interaction is already available through emails and community forums, this is the first time I’ve seen software specifically designed for this purpose.  Sounds interesting?


Skribit is a free online web application, but a pro version is available for $24 a year.  Creating an account and connecting your site is really easy.  Just enter your blog name, URL, description and tags.  If you decide you don’t like Skribit you can easily delete your blog from the service later on.

manage and create your blog page on skribit


Once registered, just add the customizable sidebar widget to your blog as well as an optional suggestions page.  Users can directly punch in content recommendations from your website and they will show up real-time.  What makes this crafty is that users have the option to post anonymously or the braver type can even create Skribit accounts.

insert the skribit widget on your website or blog for direct user interaction


Site owners can moderate content from the management panel as well as easily view and respond to it.  If a site owner acts upon a suggestion made its possible to set that suggestion as completed to let others know that it’s already been suggested and done.

manage your skribit suggestions from your skribit page 


This is where the real power of Skribit functionality comes in.  With future plans for Skribit it will include turning the front page into a web portal of the most popular suggestions as well as the most active Skribit blogs and users.  As Skribit founder Paul Stamatiou puts it:

I envision it being the place to go for “tomorrow’s news”. At the moment, we are focused on nailing the blogger-reader interaction aspect and will expand from there.

explore suggestions from other sites and which ones are popular


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If you’re a blogger or a groovy reader with suggestions, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Skribit.  Drop a comment below or join the discussion in the groovy community.

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  1. Paul Stamatiou January 1, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    Thanks for the great review and thoughts on Skribit! Let me know if you have any questions/issues if you end up giving us a test drive.


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