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Microsoft Plans Global Domination in the Retail Store World

Dr Evil and Microsoft go Global?Yup you heard it, Microsoft is going to be opening retail stores.  As we know Apple has many retail stores, but as their expansion is beginning to recede Microsoft plans to get a foot in the door.  Let’s take a look at why a giant software developer would be interested in opening brick and mortar locations during this not-so brick and mortar age…

What will be the fate of Microsoft’s new brick & mortar strategy?  Looking at changing market trends, brick and mortar sales are down.  Internet sales on the other hand are rising up and up.  So why would a software giant want to set up retail shops?  Digital distribution is growing, broadband and DSL are widely available, and several huge computer retail outlets recently went bankrupt.  Honestly to me it makes absolutely no sense, but we don’t want Dr. Evil to push the fiery trap door button eh.

Anyhow, I’m guessing these are going to be some pretty cool looking shops and I look forward to seeing one.

Here’s the new Microsoft VP of Retail Stores David Porter’s take on things.David Porter - Microsoft

“There are tremendous opportunities ahead for Microsoft to create a world-class shopping experience for our customers."  "I am excited about helping consumers make more informed decisions about their PC and software purchases, and we’ll share learnings from our stores with our existing retail and OEM partners that are critical to our success.”

We’ll see how things will look turn out, but I have quite a bit of skepticism about the success of this endeavor.

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Stores are scheduled to be opened Fall 2009, followed by a much larger number opened in 2010.

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