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Want To Work For Google? This Year They Are Set To Hire 6000+ Employees

Google is set to hire 6000+ employyes in 2011

Google currently employs approximately 24,000 people, which they’ve brought up from less than 20,000 1 year ago.  By 2012, the software giant wants their workforce to be 30,000 strong, and for good reason…

Senior Vice President of Engineering and Research at Google, Alan Eustace, recently announced the hiring plans.  Eustace says 2011 “will be our biggest hiring year in company history” surpassing even the 6000 hires made during 2007.  Eustace went on to talk about the many opportunities at Google and stated that the “average number of software engineers on a project at Google is 3.5.

This year Google is poised and breaking into a lot more markets than just internet search.  YouTube is finally becoming profitable; as we  mentioned in our last weekly wrap, Google is setting up a social coupon service to compete with Groupon.  Then there is the whole business of Google fiber, where Google could become a new and competing Internet Service Provider for many in the United States.

So, do you want to work at Google?  I think that would depend mostly on how it stacks up to your current job, but here are a few good things about the company:

  • In 2010 Google ranked #4 best place to work for by Fortune magazine.
  • Also voted #30 best place to work for by in 2010
  • Employees are well paid, software engineers make close to $100k per year, and the smallest salary is that of Account strategist averaging at about $57k per year.
  • Medical and Dental benefits
  • 15 minimum Vacation days per year
  • $12k tuition reimbursement
  • and many more
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If you want to see what’s available, check out what Jobs you could apply for at Google on their website.

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