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Run Windows 7 XP Mode Without Hardware Virtualization [groovyDownload]

Groovy Windows 7 Updates, News, Tips, Xp Mode, Tricks, How-To, Tutorials, and SolutionsGreat news for all you groovyReaders who haven’t got a new PC yet this year.  Microsoft has just announced that they will be making Windows 7 XP mode available to more users.  To kick start this plan they’ve released an update which removes the requirement of hardware CPU virtualization in order to run XP mode from Windows 7.  If you do have a hardware virtualization capable machines then XP mode will still utilize it and perform better than machines without it however for older PC’s out there which don’t have Intel-VT or AMD-V capable processors your no longer being blocked from running the XP Virtual Machines on your Windows 7 machines!



The update is available on the Microsoft Virtual PC site.  You can pick it up directly from:

The update can be a little tricky to find since they put it next to the normal full download of XP mode.  You’ll need to select your operating system AND language and then you’ll see the new third option appear that links you to the XP mode update.

windows xp mode now available without hyper-v or amd-v

This update is pretty darn groovy, but they still haven’t made XP mode available to standard editions of Windows 7.  This means if you want to run XP mode you’ll need either Windows Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition.

Have you used Windows XP mode before?  Would love to hear your thoughts and experience below in the comments!

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