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RIP – Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP Service Pack 2

 RIP Windows XP SP2Requiescat in Páce (Rest in Peace), Windows XP. Microsoft’s support for Windows XP SP2 ends today. XP SP2 Users will no longer see any notifications about new security updates because there just won’t be any! What should you do to stay secure? Consider upgrading to Service Pack 3 or upgrade to Windows 7 as quickly as possible.

Windows XP was released in August 24, 2001 and yet it’s amazing how many people are still using this old timer.  It’s been nine years and XP is still one of the most popular and well-known operating systems of all time.  That being said, I think most will agree it’s time to say a few kind words and put our old friend to sleep for good.

“Some of us will miss you, others won’t yet the fact remains you’ve been a faithful, long running servant.  It was only a matter of time but the fact is, you just don’t look as sexy as Windows 7 Aero.  Sorry old friend.  Goodbye.”

Well, if your one of these who fear change and still just aren’t ready to say goodbye, Microsoft has your back with continued support for Windows XP Service Pack 3.  If you’ve already said goodbye however and want to learn more about a modern operating system… take a look at our groovy Tutorials!

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One Response to RIP – Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP Service Pack 2

  1. vadim July 16, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    You know what tho, Windows XP has been a good OS and I actually have no plans of removing it from my Netbook anytime soon. I’m already running SP3 and it’s fast, reliable and does everything I need. Why upgrade?

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