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Save Time By Customizing Windows 7 Autoplay Actions [How-To]

Groovy Windows 7 How-To, Tips, Tricks, Downloads, Updates, and AnswersIf you listen to music or watch videos on your computer it can save a lot of time by presetting what happens when you load media onto your PC.  Or perhaps you plug your iPhone into your Windows 7 machine often to charge it and you’re sick of seeing the autoplay pop-up?  This how-to will briefly cover customizing autoplay actions.



How To Customize Autoplay Actions In Windows 7

1. Click the Windows Start Menu Orb then Type autoplay into the search box.  Click the Autoplay control panel link or Press Enter on your keyboard.

windows 7 autoplay menu

2. The autoplay control panel menu will appear.  Here you can adjust what happens when several different types of media are loaded onto your PC.

adjust how autoplay opens media in windwos 7

3. Click a drop menu under the media type that you want to adjust autoplay settings for.  For example with Audio CD’s you can assign a program to open and play it, ignore it (Take no Action), or display a prompt asking you what to do every time the media is inserted.  It sure is nice when connecting my iPhone that it will now just Take no action rather than displaying the annoying pop-up.

tell windows 7 what to do with media when laoded to your pc

4. Perhaps you aren’t sure what settings you want, or just want to return settings to what they were when you installed Windows.  At the bottom there is a button to Reset all defaults. Don’t forget once you made all of your changes to Click the Save button!

reset windows 7 autoplay features to default

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