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Change The Windows 7 Start Menu Power Button [How-To]

Groovy Windows 7 Tutorials, Tips, tricks, How-To, Solutions, Answers, Help, And NewsBy default, the Windows 7 start menu power button is set to Shut Down.  Of course if you Click the Small Arrow next to it you can choose all of the other available options like log off, restart, switch user etc…  but who has time for that?  Let’s make sure the power button is set to the option you’ll use the most often (while at the same time eliminating the accidental shutdowns…).



In my case I tend to do a lot of system restarts while testing out new software so I’m going to change my power button to Restart.


the windows 7 start menu power button with default properties as shut down


the windows 7 power button with changed properties to restart instead

Look groovy?  It’s easy to do and will only take about 5 seconds once you know where to look.  Here’s a brief tutorial on it.


How To Change The Functionality Of the Start Menu Power Button In Windows 7

1. Right-Click the Windows Start Menu Orb and Select Properties.

how to open the start menu properties in windows 7

2. In the Start Menu tab Select which Power button action best meets your needs from the drop-down list.  When you are done, Click OK.

change the action of the start menu power button in windows 7

Now you can directly choose your favorite power action without using the small arrow button on the side of the button!  This groovy technique is sure to save you valuable seconds when you aren’t someone who needs to shut down very often.

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    You are soooo tricky! Thanks.

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