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Make Windows Underline Menu Shortcut Keys

Windows 8 has several keyboard shortcuts that are vital for getting the most out of the new OS. In fact, practicing up on your Keyboard kung fu makes any version of Windows easier to use.

Having to memorize all keyboard shortcuts is a daunting task, but Windows can make it easier by underlining shortcut keys on menu items. The underlined keys are disabled by default, but it’s easy to make them show up.

Open Control Panel and select Ease of Access Center.

Access Center

Scroll down the list and click “Make the Keyboard Easier to Use.”

Keyboard Easier to Use

Scroll down on the next screen and check “Underline Keyboard Shortcuts and Access Keys.”


Now when you open menu items, you’ll see the shortcut keys are underlined. Here’s an example of Notepad menus before without the underlined shortcut keys.

Notepad Before

And here it is after, with shortcut keys enabled. The shortcut keys you can press while navigating the menu system are underlined.

After Notepad

This is a  subtle enhancement, but sometimes the little things are what make a big difference in being more productive.


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