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groovyPost Weekly Wrap

Groovypost Weekly Wrap

We’ve come to the end of another groovy week, and now we’ll take a look at the most popular posts we’ve published over the last 7 days.  For news we missed, we’ve added in a few techy tidbits which you’ll find at the bottom of this weekly wrap.



groovyposts most popular posts of the week

Gadget and iPhone Insurance: SquareTrade, Verizon and Other Warranty Optionscracked iphone shattering

When you purchase a new phone, laptop, or computer; the reseller or manufacturer will often offer you an extended warranty.  However, did you know that you have several other options and that they could save you a whole lot of money?

How to Enable Advanced Sign-in Security on Your Google Accountgoogle account thief

All it takes is for one wrong person or website to gain knowledge of your Google account password and your privacy and identity are compromised.  Since your Google account is tied to your Gmail, Docs, Reader, Picasa and others, losing your Google account could put a huge dent in your day-to-day life.  If you use Gmail as your primary email address and use it to pay bills, send paypal, your job, register online shopping accounts, or anything else of value – you might want to look into setting this up.

How to Secure Your Data by Enabling the Passcode Lock Password on Your iPhoneiphone password lock

Many iPhone users don’t take advantage of the simple built-in security for their device.  While it doesn’t make your phone “hack-proof,” it will deter the typical thief from stealing all of your emails, passwords, pictures, and videos.  It is incredibly easy to set up, and you can even adjust a timer so that you won’t have to worry about entering the password every time you shut off the screen. Dumps Unlimited Plandropbox is now better than mozy

Bad news for Mozy and it’s users, but great news for Dropbox!  Mozy has decided to go the lame route and is no longer offering an unlimited data backup service.  Get ready for the mass-exodus away from the service!

Alternate news of the week

Rovio Plans to Add Angry Birds to Windows Phone 7 and 3D Gaming Devices

Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka, confirmed that after the news of Nokia’s deal with Microsoft, they will be making an Angry Birds version for Windows Phone 7.  Additionally he confirmed that Rovio will be releasing Angry Birds for 3D devices such as the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s Open War Between Google and Apple in the App Subscription Market

Just days after Apple announced its new subscription service for the App store, Google counter-fired with their new One Pass subscription service that will work with Android.  Google noted that publishers will only be charged a 10% fee as opposed to Apple’s 30% take.

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011

In Barcelona, Spain, one of the largest mobile technology events of the year was held February 14-17.  This year was the largest event so far, with more than 60,000+ attendees.  A lot was shown off from new 10.1 inch Android tablets to new NFC mobile technology.  If you missed the event, check out the highlights at the official link above!

Google Adds 12 New File Formats to the Google Docs Viewer

Google Docs now supports the following formats:

Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX)
Apple Pages (.PAGES)
Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
PostScript (.EPS, .PS)
TrueType (.TTF)
XML Paper Specification (.XPS)

Incase your wondering, we’ve talked about the Google Docs viewer once before, and the Docs viewer itself can be found here.

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