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groovyPost Weekly Wrap

Groovypost Weekly Wrap

Another week, another set of groovy tech tutorials and news!  We’ve talked about a lot, and below we’ll look at the “best of” our entire week.  As usual, we’ve also included some techy tidbits of information that we didn’t get to talk about.


groovyposts most popular posts of the week

Who Can You Trust? Facebook vs. Flickr vs. Picasa vs. Windows Live – Photosharing Privacy Faceoffprivacy goes down the toilet

Last week we considered the big names in photo sharing and social networking when it comes to your privacy.  When you upload photos, videos, or other information to one of these services, they each take a portion of ownership over that information, and some might be able to use it in whatever way they like.  After reading this article, you’ll know just how much control they have over said data.

How to Display Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7the invisible files in wnidows 7

By default Windows has always had a good portion of hidden files that operate behind the scenes to keep your computer and programs running.  In Windows 7 they changed the interface around a little bit so it might be confusing when you try to make those hidden files visible; in this article we covered that.

Opening Day For the Verizon iPhoneverizon iphone, failure to launch

With much hype and anticipation, the Verizon iPhone saw it’s launch in the US last Thursday.  But, despite projections, the launch day didn’t pan out like Verizon or Apple had hoped it would.

Use Dropbox to Keep all your Portable Apps Available for Easy Usemobile dropbox, apps on the go

Some people use a USB stick to carry around their portable apps, but if you have an all around stable internet connect – you could also use Dropbox!

Alternate news of the week

Samsung heads for a 10.1 inch Android tablet
The Korean manufacturer beats Apple to a 2nd device and unveils it’s new 10.1 Android operated tablet that will be coming soon.
In Windows update this week, Microsoft released a fix to disable AutoRun for USB Drives
After a vulnerability was found and exploited using the usb stick AutoRun in Windows, Microsoft has finally bowed to pressure and included an easier way to disable AutoRun when plugging in a USB stick.
Pandora internet radio filed for an IPO
This internet radio giant launched in 2005 and has since claimed over 50% of the marketshare in its category.  This is the first year that they will make stock publicly available for purchase.

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