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imageAs January comes to a wrap, we had an exciting week here at groovyPost!  Below is a quick look at our most popular groovyPosts and News blips from the week as well as some Tech Tidbits we didn’t find time to cover.

Also, a reminder to our groovyReaders.  Although were always on the hunt to find and write about groovy tips, news and tutorials, we could always use tips from the you, the community!  So be sure to send us any great tips you might have at [email protected]!  Your tip just might make its way on the front page!

The best of the news and tutorials from this week

Delete iPhone, iPod and iPad Backups and Reclaim Gigabytes of Hard Drive Spaceipod synced to a laptop

When you do a new backup on an iOS device, Apple fails to remove old unnecessary data.  Over time and repeated backups this will start to hog a large amount of data on your Hard Drive.  We tackled that issue in this article.

Why Are The A & B Drives Not Used By Windows?cd rom drive replaces older drives

Our first drive starts out at C: but what happened to A: and B:?  In this article we went on a nostalgic ride into the last 20 years of computing to discover what happened to our missing letters.

How To Customize Your Facebook Profile Photos Into A Large “Hacked” Imageimage

Facebook has a “new profile” format, but it doesn’t allow you to change very much.  Lucky for us, there are a few tricks that we can use to make our Facebook personalized once again.

Mozilla Blocks Skype Add-on for Firefoxskype blocked by mozilla

The Mozilla team has been having some trouble with the Skype plugin for Firefox, and so they disabled it.  Stability is a big reason, but you can still re-enable it.

Want to Work for Google? They Will Hire 600+ Employees this year!

The title pretty much says it all and it was enough to skyrocket the article this week into our top 5 posts of the week!

News we didn't cover

Gmail Adds Desktop Notifications to Gmailgoogle gmail notifications outside of browser

The Gmail team just added a new feature that, once enabled, will alert you of incoming email and messages outside of your browser window.  Currently only supported by Chrome, but coming to other browsers soon via HTML5.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 10

It was bound to happen, I mean after beta 9 the only next logical step is beta 10, right?  Luckily, 11 is the last number on Mozilla’s calendar, so we are only a couple steps away now from Firefox 4 release candidate!

Android Soon To Support In-App Purchases

Android App Marketplace sales aren’t doing too hot in comparison to Apple’s iOS App Store.  Google is bringing in some changes to allow developers to monetize better, but I doubt this will make for much improvement since most Google users have a “software is free” mentality.

Facebook Increases Security With HTTPS

Facebook has finally finished covering it’s entire site with HTTPS, this brings a drastic change in browsing security for the social media website.  Previously some parts of the website didn’t support HTTPS, so even if you logged in using it you would still be left vulnerable.  Now you’re safe while browsing Facebook, except that well, you’re still on Facebook…

Facebook Launching A Groupon Competitor, sort of

Last week we briefly touched on Google opening up a Groupon competitor, and it seems like everyone got the same idea.  Facebook is now working on a new service they call “Buy With Friends.”  Though, Facebook’s primary focus right now is on the purchase of Virtual Goods (Facebook in-app items and other useless things) but it is sticking with the Facebook “currency” used to purchase everything on the website; “Facebook Credits.”

Google Starts Censoring Bitorrents And Filesharing From AutoCompletegoogle censors bit-torrent and rapidshare

Google has just instated a new policy that will prevent “pro-piracy” keywords from automatically being filled in by Google searches.  This isn’t a huge censorship, but the Bitorrent community is outraged.

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