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Google Maps Labs Unlocks Additional Experimental Features

Groovy Google Tips, How-To, and NewsEarlier today I was looking up my favorite hamburger joint on Google Maps and thinking “I wish Google Maps had aerial view.”  Then I remembered, Google Maps Labs has an aerial view feature!   Not only that, but it has several other groovy features we need to talk about!

When you visit you might have already noticed the New lab icon that is up in the top-right of the browser.  For those that haven’t, here it is!

google maps labs icon

Rather than taking you to a different page or tab like Gmail labs does, the Google Maps Labs opens in it’s own in-page window.  It’s a pop-up but it isn’t a pop-up.  Anyhow here you can enable many of the groovy features that Labs has to offer.  We’ll look at the list of these below.

google maps labs features

Some of the new Google Maps features are really groovy.

  • Google Maps Aerial View
  • Distance measurement tool
  • Drag & Zoom
  • Where in the world game? (fun)
  • LatLng Tooltip
  • LatLng Marker
  • What’s Around Here?

whats around here google maps rocks

Some of them are not.

  • Back to beta… (seriously?)
  • Rotatable maps
  • Smart Zoom (could be useful, just isn’t there yet)

google maps back to beta... why google... why

When you’re finished enabling or disabling labs, Google will remind you with a pop-up if you forget to save changes.

save changes in google maps if you forget

If for some reason something with labs go wrong, you can always disable all of the features by following the no labs link:  Have fun!

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