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Google Docs Upgraded Drawing Added [groovyNews]

Google Docs Logo Google and it’s ever-growing ranks of “cloud” applications have just added another tool to their arsenal.  Google Docs users can now create drawings to documents, spreedsheets or presentations. 


The drawing application runs entirely inside your browser and honestly works similar to if not better than the familiar MSPaint.  Google has implemented a grid system which acts as a snap guide to help you draw straight and accurate lines, and the drawings you can create are entirely custom.


To access the drawing application inside of Google Docs, all you have to do is Click the Insert menu and then on the drop menu Click Drawing… 

how to find drawing in google docs


Now you should see the drawing workspace appear and you’ll be met with an assortment of useful artistic tools.  One of the new features not seen in many creative applications is Google’s new continuous drawing mode where you can move from one masterpiece to the next without having to take a breathe.  But for those of us who aren’t long-winded artists, you can exit continuous drawing mode by Hitting ESC on your keyboard or Clicking the Arrow on the toolbar above.

 use the polyline tool to draw in google docs and make cool shapes


After playing with the tool, I found the “Polyline” tool is useful as it creates entirely custom shapes which automatically fill.  You can also change the shapes color or if you prefer, choose not to fill them.  Where web applications have attempted to create “snap to” tools, Google has finally succeeded and done so in a web-based application none-the-less.



New features for drawings in Google Docs [via ]

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