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Attention all Google Zealots = Google Gear Now Available!

imageAre you a raving Gmail fan?  Maybe you just love Google so much you’re thinking about getting a Gmail tattoo?  Well now you can have the next best thing!  The Google Store has recently announced that Gmail team sweaters are now available for purchase.  That’s right, these are the same sweaters the geeks on the Gmail team were given when the service graduated out of beta status. Ah yeah, the chicks are gonna love this!

Details!  Give me Details!

The date was July 7, 2009.  The weather was warm and the beta was shed.  In celebration, Google gave every member of the Gmail team a groovin’ free sweatshirt with the Gmail logo embroidered in.  While that might not seem like the greatest present, these sweaters are pretty slick.  Just take a look at the photo below.

Gmail sweater for sale

If the sweater is too snazzy or warm for your taste, there’s a lot of other options for the avid Google fan.  At the swimming pool yesterday everyone was really digging the Google flip-flops and YouTube-Socks. Just be careful about wearing both at the same time…  People might think your from the NorthWest…

google flip flops and you tube socks

Are you a Google zealot?  Check out the Google Store at:

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