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Hulu May Introduce Ad-free Service For Higher Cost

Hulu   Last week we covered the new Hulu premium service Hulu Plus. On with some more Hulu news today!  Rumors are going on that Hulu will release yet another premium feature – AD-FREE for a higher cost.



Hulu Plus costs $9.99 monthly and your subscription includes HD Video, more popular shows and the same annoying ads shown on the free service….  Yeah…   Well it looks like Hulu was listening to it’s users because according to the rumors circulating Hulu will be releasing an ad-free service. Currently we don’t have any further info regarding price or availability for the Ad-Free Hulu Service or if the Ad-Free service will have any other new features but, you can be sure we will keep all you groovyReaders updated once the story breaks!

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One Response to Hulu May Introduce Ad-free Service For Higher Cost

  1. shockersh July 13, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    Hulu can keep their money. It’s going the way of the DODO just like Network TV. YouTube will rule the air. Just wait. Movies, TV you name it. It’s going to be on YouTube.

    Hmm… I wonder when YouTube is going to start charging “for real”.

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