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Google Maps Gets a Facelift [groovyNews]

Google News, Updates, and Tutorials on the groovyPost How To site. After almost 5 years of development, Google Maps continues to refine and re-establish their position as the leader of well… everything Maps!

Recenty the Google Maps blog announced updates: walkways, bus stops, address labels, street width and… even an improved font!  Although some of the changes don’t exactly POP OUT, when combined together the changes are significant to the naked eye.

Below is an example of the Before and After of London.  At first you might not see the difference but if you spend a few seconds comparing them, you will notice the map of the city has improved visibility.  For instance, when looking at the center of the map the roads are more accurate, detailed and visible from a further zoom-out ratio.

 groovyPost New Detail added to Google Maps  Google Maps in London, now you can see the roads like never before

Take a look at your local maps and see for yourself the new changes.

Evolving the look of Google Maps[via ]

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