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Friday Fun – Play Continuum for Instant Online Space Combat


It’s Friday!!!  Time to wind down and enjoy the weekend!  What’s my favorite way to wind down from a busy week?  How about a relaxing exhilarating game that’s action packed!  Continuum is a 2D mass multi-player online space combat simulator which I have to admit, is one of my favorites. It’s action packed, very fun and of course FREE!

Continuum: Massively Multiplayer Spaceships

Ever imagine what it’d be like to play Asteroids against your friends? Want to savor the satisfaction of blasting people out of space in some addictive side-scrolling 2D spaceship shooter action?

Slap on some snazzy graphics, guns, bombs & big explosions and the beautiful revelry of flying past your enemy’s debris as they cuss at you, and you have Continuum, the longest running massively multiplayer spaceship shooter game running today.

subspace continuum space combat

The Continuum client is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows 7, Vista, Xp, or even older systems.  The hardware requirements are low enough to safely say it runs flawlessly on my ancient Win 98 machine.  Put all that aside, the game play is addictively fun and the graphics are great.  It started out as a game called Sniper in 1995 and has commanded a strong player base for the last 15 years.

You can pick-up the game at  Just Click the Download link.

download subspace continuum

You start out with the out-of-game selection screen.  Here is where you set up all of your customized settings and choose the zone (server) you want to play on.  There’s a lot to look at here so it can be a little overwhelming the first time you see it, but it’s actually fairly simple.

Red = Server is Offline
Green = Server is Up!

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default download subspace continuum skin

The first thing I do when I run continuum is change the default horrific skin to something more pleasant.  To do this Click the Skin menu button and Select Ceinwyn.  Of course some people might prefer the default but I’ll be using Ceinwyn for the rest of this article.

subspace continuum with ceinwyn

The next step is to Create a Profile / UsernameClick the Profiles button.

make a subspace continuum profile

In the profile window you can edit the default one or create a new one.  A profile is just a folder that holds your Player Name, Password, and other Personalized settings.  Player names must be unique so if someone else has already used your name you will need to find a new one (the game will alert you that you are using the wrong password when you try to Play if the name is already taken).

  • Profile Name: Name of the folder that stores your local settings
  • Player Name: Your in-game handle / nickname.
  • Password: Don’t forget your password, the recovery service doesn’t always work.

choose a subspace continuum user name and password

After making an account, it’s a good idea to Change the Resolution to the highest setting possible.  In Continuum, screen space is one of your most valuable assets.  Note that the game does support windowed mode or full screen.

adjust your subspace continuum resolution

On the left side you’ll see a set of ship icons, Click on one to choose the ship you would like to fly.  Don’t worry, you can change ships in-game if you get stuck with one you don’t like.

choose a subspace continuum ship to play

There’s a ton of other options to choose from and you can really customize the game to your hearts content, but that’ll take too long so lets jump right in.  Choose a Zone (server) from the list and Click Play.  Each server has a different take on the game making it feel entirely different depending on which one you are in.  For beginners I suggest SSCU Trench Wars, SSCU Extreme Games, or SSCU Death Star Battle. These zones provide instant action and little experience to have fun.

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join a subspace continuum server zone

The basic movement controls are pretty easy, just use the Arrow keys on your keyboard.  The mouse isn’t used at all for this game.

Tip: You can use afterburner if you hold shift while pressing an arrow key, but it drains energy.

Once you get in game you’ll notice on the right side of your screen there is an interface bar with little icons on it.  These icons each represent an energy-based ability that your ship has. Since I found it difficult to figure out what they were when I first played I’ve listed them here, as well as the default controls.  If you want to figure out how to use all of them, play and find out!

subspace continuum right hand icons defined

Tool: Default Keyboard Button:
Bullets Ctrl
Bombs Tab
Space Mines Shift+Tab
Stealth Home
Cloak Shift+Home
X-Radar End
Anti-Warp Shift+End

Note that energy is used for all of these ship tools / abilities.  So keep in mind that using them can make you vulnerable, practice when to use them to maximize effectiveness.  Good aim helps too.

At the top and top-right corner of your screen are you energy meters.  The top middle bar shows how much energy you have based on the thick blue line.  The small thin lines shows how much energy your ship could potentially have.  The top-right box shows your Frequency (team), Bounty (amount of green boxes you have), and in the big blue digits your exact Energy (health).  Energy typically reloads over time, the rate that this happens at is called the Recharge Rate.

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subspace continuum energy bar

At the top-left of your screen is the player roster.  This will show every player currently in the game that you are in. You can switch to Team Sort by Pressing Esc once and then repeatedly Pressing F2 until it displays.  Team sort will organize players by Frequency (team), and you can Select a player from this list using the Pg Up and Pg Down keys.

team list for subspace continuum

Some ships on your team have the ability to hold turrets.  This means YOUR ship can attach to theirs and will act as a turret on it as they fly around.  It adds an entirely new dynamic to the game when you do this.

turret piloting in subspace continuum

If you Press the ESC key in-game it brings up the menu.  While the menu you can Press the corresponding key to choose that menu option.  For example, Pressing Esc then numbers 1-8 will change you into a different ship.  If you want to learn some of the more advanced parts of the game use F1 to access the Help menus.

the esc menu in subspace continuum

That covers the basics!  Now you are ready to have some fun and blow stuff up!  Have a groovy fun weekend and enjoy playing Subspace Continuum.

subspace continuum action

Do you have a groovy game suggestion for the weekend we should cover? Tell us about it in the comments below and we will add it to Fun Friday queue!

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  1. 1UpMushroom May 28, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    I used to play this back when it was still called Subspace. It used to cost money back then, but now that it’s free I just downloaded it and it’s now pinned to my taskbar lol.

  2. flippo May 28, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    The game looked good from your review. I downloaded it!
    It has a mild learning curve but now I’m an addict. You can jump in instantly, and there’s no commitments to keep you playing when you want to log off. Both are good playing points for me. I think this will be my new WoW alternative, I’ve just wasted too much time with that.

  3. Eugene Barbati June 3, 2010 at 6:07 am #

    This is such a great resource which you are offering and also you give it away for zero cost. I love seeing web sites that understand the value of delivering a prime resource for cost-free. I genuinely loved reading your post. Thanks!

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