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Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Review

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Anti-Virus Way way back in November 2008, that they would be giving away a free anti-virus client code-named Morrow. Well it’s been almost a year since then and Microsoft has been busy.  On ~June 23rd, 2009 Microsoft announced the product name would be – Microsoft Security Essentials and released the product in Beta with free sign-up for anyone interested in trying out the Beta. 


The reviews for the beta release were actually pretty good so I signed up (of course) but until now I’ve not had time to get it installed.  So, when my new Windows 7 RTM install reminded me that I needed an Anti-Virus product I figured it was time to try it out.  Here’s a few shots:


After the Install, I was prompted if I wanted to allow it to download the latest AV / Malware Signatures and perform a quick scan of my system.  Sure, why not:

 Microsoft Security Essentials Install


Microsoft Security Essentials Signature Update

The scan took about 5 minutes and was unobtrusive.  This is good since most of my users at work are always complaining about McAfee taking up to much CPU during system scans.


After the scan, I poked around a bit however there were very little customizations which I needed to set.  Here’s a look at each of the tabs:


Taskbar Icon:

Microsoft Security Essentials Task Bar Icon / Launch


Other Menus:

Microsoft Security Essentials Home Menu  Microsoft Security Essentials Update Menu

Microsoft Security Essentials History Menu  Microsoft Security Essentials Settings Menu

Microsoft Security Essentials Help Menu


Build Information for Screenshots Above:

Microsoft Security Essentials Version:  1.0.1407.0
Antimalware Client Version: 2.0.5612.0
Engine Version: 1.1.4903.0
Antivirus definitions: 1.63.1316.0
Antispyware definitions: 1.63.1316.0


As I mentioned in my screenshots, the settings are all VERY simple which is what I would expect for a Home product.  I left almost all of the settings at their defaults so that was nice as well since chances are, most inexperienced computer users will never tinker with them.

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As I get more experience with the tool I’ll be sure to let everyone know.  Hopefully however I won’t NEED the Software to clean any Virus infected nastiest.  🙂


Download Link / Beta Signup – Microsoft Security Essentials

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