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How-To Backup Your Media From An iPhone, iPod, Or iPad To Dropbox

imageThe whole point in having a Dropbox is so you can access all of your data from any device, and have it fully backed up.  So why not use Dropbox from your iOS device that set you several hundred $’s back?  Yes, there is even an app for that and it is free!  Groovy…

How To Use Dropbox On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Step 1 – Go to the App Store

Tap the App Store icon on your iOS dashboard.


Step 2 – Find the Dropbox app

In the search field, Type in dropbox. Click the Dropbox app that appears on the list.


Step 3 – Download the App, it’s free!

Tap the FREE button to download and install the Dropbox app.


Step 4 – Launch the Dropbox app

After the download and installation is complete, Dropbox will appear on your dashboard.  Tap the Dropbox icon to open it.

Step 5 – Sign-in to Dropbox (requires internet connection)



That’s the end of the step by step, but we aren’t actually finished yet.  Let’s take a look at some of the features of this application.


Browse Your Dropbox and View Files

You can browse your Dropbox and view all of its contents from your iPhone using the My Dropbox menu.  The Dropbox app can view almost any type of file stored in your box, including images, pdf files, videos, documents, and spreadsheets.

While viewing a file there are a few different things you can do besides just looking at it.  You can create a sharing link, favorite it, or save it to your iPad.

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If you opted to create a link it even gives you the option to directly email the link, but you can also just copy it to the clipboard or copy the file (if possible) to the clipboard.


Customize Dropbox App Settings

In the Dropbox settings menu there aren’t a lot of options, but the few it does have are pretty groovy.  You can:

  • Change Dropbox accounts
  • Assign a password
  • Change the upload quality
  • Get help
  • Send feedback
  • Unlink your Dropbox from your iOS device.


Adjusting the Upload Quality will make file syncing faster as it will decrease the size of your images, but it will also make the images smaller and sometimes even pixellated.


Backup A File To Dropbox From Your iPhone

From the My Dropbox menu, if you Click the + button it will let you add photos or videos that you have stored on your iOS device.  This is extremely useful for backing up videos or pictures you might have taken with your iPhone.  Unfortunately the iPad and iPod Touch still have no camera tho…


Save A Dropbox File For Mobile Offline Viewing

Want to store a Dropbox file on your iOS device?  Just Mark it as a Favorite after opening it.  All favorites are downloaded and stored on your device so you can view it whenever you want, regardless of internet connection.


Unlink Your Device

If you need to quickly sign out of Dropbox and delete all locally stored Favorites, then you need to Unlink it.  All you have to do is visit the Settings page and Click Unlink this iPod.  You can always reconnect again later!

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The Dropbox app is a groovy little tool for syncing files on the go.  I find it most useful for backing up pictures and videos taken from my iPhone, but I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it as well!

We’ve written a lot about Dropbox in the past few months so be sure to checkout all our articles for this groovy free tool.  If we haven’t written about your favorite trick or dropbox feature drop a note in the comments and we’ll get that corrected!

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    And ofcourse its the same with Android. Its the same dropbox, but some other different layout but the same options.

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