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How To Delete Your Account

delete your account

Being┬áthat I rarely use my account, today I decided to fully delete the account. Although has a delete account feature, I’m going to demonstrate a more thorough account deleting process to ensure all data is removed from the service.

Let’s start off by removing all accounts registered with the Mint service.

Click Accounts

click accounts

Click Delete under each account.

click delete - delete mint account

My profile contained three accounts I had to delete. Be sure to nuke all of them.


Confirm you want to Delete the account.

type delete - delete mint account

Once it’s gone it’s gone… Be sure you want to do this before clicking delete!


Once all your accounts have been deleted from your profile, will be reset as if you have a new account.

mint appears like a new account

Let’s finish off the process by going under the Profile tab and deleting all devices and the overall account.

Click Profile

click profile - delete

Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click Deactivate for each of your mobile devices/tablets.

deativate all devices - delete account

Final step, click Delete Your Mint Account and then click YES, delete my Mint Account.

delete int account link  - delete account

Enter your PW and click Finish to complete the account delete.

confirm delete with password  - delete account

You should get a popup once you complete the process which confirms your account has been deleted and an email will be sent shortly to confirm.

mind account deletion completed

Ahh…. I feel better already!


In the digital age it’s important you keep track of accounts you’ve created and delete the ones you’re no longer using, especially financial accounts and services like I’ve also learned over the years it can be very effective to remove data from your accounts before you delete them just in case the service or company doesn’t actually delete your account like you’ve requested.

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  1. Vadim August 26, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Anyone who would give a web site their banking info is crazy.

    Congrats on coming to your senses Steve. ;)

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