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How To Control Your Roku from Google Chrome with Remoku

One of the nice things about the Roku is there is no shortage of virtual remotes you can use with it. There’s one available for virtually every mobile platform, and here’s a look at a cool one you can use from Google Chrome called Remoku. This is perfect for when you’re using your laptop while catching up on Breaking Bad.

Roku Remote Chrome Extension

After installing the Remoku extension in Chrome, click the “R” icon in the upper left corner. That brings up a virtual remote and the first thing you’ll need to do is click Settings so you can find the Roku on your network.


Now here you can either scan for your Roku or enter in the IP manually. If you scan for the Roku, the process is slow and tedious, so just add it manually.

Scan to Find Roku

To find your Roku IP go to Settings > About and you’ll find the IP address listed under your account.

Roku IP

Just enter in the address from your screen into the Manual Add field then click the “+” button. You have the option to give it a name – in case you have multiple Roku boxes in your home.

Name Roku to Control

After that, click the Remote button and simply use the on screen virtual remote to scroll through channels, apps, and manage playback – just like you would with the physical remote or a Roku Remote App on your smartphone.

Control Roku

Another cool feature that all of these virtual remotes offer is an easy to use keyboard. This makes logging in to services and doing searches much easier than pointing the remote at the TV and hunting and pecking your way through onscreen keyboard. For instance, here I navigated to Search and typed in house of cards quickly on my physical keyboard – much easier!


The navigation is fluid and I personally find it easier than using a remote app on an Android or iOS device since I’m using the mouse for precise button clicks. If you want to get really geeky with it, you can use the Goodies section and use Macros that consist of one or more commands. This allows you to do multiple button presses and loop channels and more. That part is fairly geeky and uses a lot of code, so you might just want to stick to the basic functionality of it.

It’s a perfect extension for times when you’re sitting on the couch, using your laptop to get work done, and are too lazy to walk across the room to grab the actual remote or your phone.

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