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groovyPost Weekly Wrap!

A  lot of groovyGoodness this week. I’m sure you’re like me and just hate missing out on something groovy which is why it’s my pleasure to bring you this week in groove!

After years of rumors and weeks of intense coverage, Google Drive has Officially Launched!  Bogdan Bele broke the news here on groovyPost as it was happening. Have you played with it yet? What do you think of it?

google drive

Bogdan’s coverage of the new service continued with How to Start Using Google Drive so if you’ve not started playing with Google Drive yet — this post would be a great place to start.

And not to be outdone, Microsoft updated its SkyDrive service in advance of the Windows 8 launch. Read the coverage by Brian Burgess in Windows SkyDrive App for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Don’t know what you think but I’m starting to get the feeling that Microsoft is working REALLY hard to align all the stars for its Windows 8 release. So far — I like what I see!

Get Started

Brian also emphasizes Windows SkyDrive: Claim 25GB Space Before It’s Lowered to 7GB. Did you reserve your space yet? Time is running out to keep your 25Gigs of space and if Skydrive catches on with the release of Windows 8 most people are going to wish they had grabbed that free space. So stop what your doing and go get it!

MS Skydrive Usage

I really enjoyed the article by Ron White where he pointed out that Dropbox Offers 2-click File Sharing with Anyone; Google Challenging Dropbox with New Cloud Service.

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Also, Brian Burgess gives us a great tip to make better use of Microsoft’s often overlooked tool in How To Automate SyncToy Jobs in Windows 7.

Create Basic Task

Brian also wraps it all up with his reader poll summary, Your Favorite Cloud Storage Services: Here’s What You Said. Did you vote? We would love to hear from you as we plan to write a lot more on the winners of that poll. Afterall, it’s all about the groovyReader here at groovyPost!


But there is always more!  Brian goes on to tell us how to Download Any YouTube Video the Easy Way.

Chrome Easy YouTube

And Austin Krause gives us his in-depth Review: Awesome New Tab Page Google Chrome.


And we close this wrap with the humorous look by Bogdan Bele at The USB…Typewriter – Oh baby! Now this baby was very very cool and it has been super hot over the last few days. As groovy as it is what do you think? Do you think you would spring the cash for this groovy vintage look?

typewriter keyboard

So there you have it, another great week of groovy coverage.  Check back daily, and be sure to catch next Saturday’s weekly wrap right here on groovyPost.

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