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groovyPost Weekly Wrap for April 21, 2012

It’s Saturday and time for our groovyPost Weekly Wrap! We had just a TON of amazing content this week but here’s what floated to the top in regards to the groovyReaders favorites as ranked by page views.

The Internet was a buzz again this week with talk of Google Launching its Dropbox Competitor — Google Drive with 5GB of Free Space. Austin reported the story and our groovyReaders couldn’t get enough of it.  Watch for the launch Tuesday we’re thinking here at groovyPost.

And just to help you sort out the cloud alternatives, our Editor in Chief, Brian Burgess conducted a Reader Poll: Which Cloud Storage Services Do You Use? Have you voted yet? If not head over to the groovyPost, vote and see what rose to the top in this weeks poll.


Many of you were also interested in the news over at Google which announced that Google had expanded the YouTube Movie Biz by signing MGM Studios. I wish more the the titles were free but… in the long run, Steve Krause our founder thinks the news will eventually bring lower prices across all Streaming markets as competition heats up.

Rocky Joins YouTube!

I personally enjoyed covering the news from Microsoft on news that Windows 8 versions will be simplified.  Just think, no more pondering over complex features charts before you make your purchase! Can I get an Amen brother!


My piece on Wi-Fi Faster than The Flash: 802.11ac Coming in 2012 was also a hot article in our groovyNewsletter and received more clicks than any other post this week from the groovyReadres! Woot woot! Looks like many of you are hip on WiFi which makes a lot of since being that no one likes wires! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this tech so you won’t have too!

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QCA 802.11ac Intro

And our eagle-eyed Ron White, groovyPost Exec. Editor reported that how to find great deals on eBay using typos!.  Hey, I’ll take my bargains any way I can find them, right Ron?

eBay ad for auction of expensive home theater system

And a big shout out to Josh Windisch for going in-depth in his Review: Parallels 7 Runs Windows on your Mac Easily. Wow.. that was quite a piece! I love it and from the page views it received, so did most of you!

Rounding out our wrap of the week, Brian Burgess continued his relentless coverage of Windows 8 by telling us How To Uninstall a Windows 8 Metro Apps.

Verify Uninstall

Brian also channeled most of us by asking Sick of iTunes? Try Foobar2000 as an Alternative. I personally had never heard of it but I’ve been playing with it since I read his groovyPost!


And finally, this weekend ends the big giveaway from Amazon MP3 $2 Free Credit–Good Until April 22. Thanks Austin for that Tip!


So, another great week in April with an avalanche of great news, reviews and how to articles.  It can only mean that you’ve stumbled onto groovyPost. Check back with us each day and again next weekend for your weekend wrap.

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  1. Chris April 21, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Better Late than Never if you are CONSITENT provides me, to delete a lot of DAILY groovypost emails I receive and enjoy reading, except Apple ones 🙂

  2. Kitty April 23, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    I uninstalled Adobe Reader and installed Foxit Reader and absolutely LOVE it. It is faster as suggested and much easier to use. Many thanks. I really enjoy so many of the posts even if they don’t actually pertain to me, it is good to know what is happening in the cyber world.

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